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My buddy Richard printed me off a copy of this yesterday. It’s pinned on the garage cork-board right next to the B+W photo of Gary Nixon beating Kenny Roberts across the line at (?) Daytona. That one I bought from … Continue reading

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52 albums – week 40

I’ve only had the one near brush with celebrity and as it happens it was with Nick Cave. It’s not much of  a story though it did have a curious sequel many years later. I was living in Chicago at … Continue reading

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La petite mort

Edit from Wikipedia: The term “la petite mort” or “the small death” does not always apply to sexual experiences. It can also be used when some undesired thing has happened to a person and has affected them so much that … Continue reading

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Dads Motorbikes

A few years back i went up to Brisbane to help my parents pack for there move to Taurango (N.Z). I was up there for 7 days and every one of those days was 10 hours plus, under the house with Dad … Continue reading

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Shinya Kimura

This clip from YouTube has had a zillion hits and been re-posted the length and breadth of Internet-land. However Goodbye Albatross is as much a repository for myself as a public platform so here it is again, nice and handy for me … Continue reading

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Sigaar Racer

A few years back i bought a little Kawasaki 125cc commuter bike off eBay. The plan was to turn it into a Bucket Racer. So I promptly dismantled it thus denying myself the pleasure of scooting up and down the … Continue reading

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