The Insights – Not Myself

I’m a little in awe of my kids sometimes.

Rohan (the oldest) is as sharp as a tack.
Full of that harsh, imperious logic that comes with youth.
He’s as clear a thinker as I know; I don’t win many arguments these days.

Quinn (the youngest at 12) is just indefatigable.
We had this standard goodbye when he was younger and I dropped him off at school:
“Do two kind things today” and you know, I think he always did.
He has the heart of a lion and it’s a kind heart.

And Zeke (in the middle) just astounds me.
I don’t know where his music come from?
Certainly not my side of the gene pool (I’m up at the shallow end)
but he just goes from strength to strength.

That’s Zeke on the left, Ross sitting next to him
and Jordan had a tennis match on so he’s missing.

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