The Insights e.p

(L – R) Jordan – Zeke – Ross

Ahhh! I really should have put this up a long time ago.
The boys finally got some time in a studio (courtesy of North Sydney Council’s Youth Programme) so kudos to them for providing opportunities.

@ few weekends work and they came away with these 5 tracks which are … (drum-roll) … their self titled debut e.p.

The Insights by The Insights.

There’s one new song, You to Fool plus reworkings of 4 other tracks that are a little bit older. You can find live versions of them over on YouTube

I think they need to get their music up on soundcloud as well so you can download the songs for later consumption – will have to work on them for that.

Duhh! They’ve already done it:-

There’s a small e.p launch coming up soon with a couple of their friend’s bands.
10 Mile Stereo
Feedback &
The Thompsons
It’s on at the Chatswood Civic Center, Friday week (12th of October).
I’ll try to get some better footage of them this time around.
My last efforts were woeful and live is really where they find their feet.
If it’s good enough I’ll post it up.

Link to the new song: YOU TO FOOL

You to Fool

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