Write on your Guitar

Hey ‘Y’all.
I’ve found a few more images of ‘writ upon guitars’ to add to the collection. I’m thinking I need to put them in a separate gallery so they can have their own home.
The Bass Guitar below belongs to Cubbie Fink of Foster The People and Man! Did it take a bit of hunting. Google searches produced nothing. I trawled through dozens of fan sites, official and unofficial with no luck. Messaged FTP’s Facebook page, web-site etc. Then trying a different tack I started on the videos, playing just about every streamed clip of their songs I came across till I could find one clear enough and close enough to grab a screen capture from. If you watch the linked clip all the way through the NPR radio guy asks him about it. Which you know would have been my first question.

Cubbie Fink (Foster The People)

Cubbie Fink (Foster The People)

And another guitar banjo which I can’t tell you much about except it’s called the Peace Banjo and obviously references Woody Guthrie; just an aside the slogan is something Woody scrawled across a number of his guitars:

peace banjo

peace banjo

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2 Responses to Write on your Guitar

  1. Brett says:

    Hey Michael.
    Woody owned hundreds of guitars in his lifetime, mainly small bodied instruments (00 & 000 size). He had no particular allegiance to a maker, jumping from Gibsons to Martins to Kays to Slingerlands depending on what he found and what finances permitted. He’d play them and give them away to other aspiring musicians or hobo’s in his travels around the country. The slogan “This machine kills fascists” was something that was derived from the slogans that Pilots in the Spanish civil War painted on to their planes.

  2. Michael says:

    The peace banjo might have belonged to Woodie Guthrie. I’ve got a photo of him with a guitar inscribed “this machine kills fascists” which I think was one of his contributions to WWII war effort. Actually the photo must have been taken decades later judging by the beatniks he was with. How many such machines did he have? Is this a lost WG fascist-killing machine?

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