52 albums – week 45

* I’ve lost my footing with this review. A re-write is on the way

Hyperbole and I are best of friends, have been for years. Whenever I sit down to listen to an Album he plonks himself on the couch next to me then fiddles with the controls.
If I am at the keyboard then he is in my ear; “Don’t be timid Brett” he says, “you can squeeze another adjective in there” – “Good? – Pfiffle!” He guffaws – “It’s more than good, It’s gorgeous, It’s glorious, It’s the grandest song ever written!”
You get the picture. I try to temper my enthusiasm and hyperbole brings me undone.
Here, let me illustrate my point.

That’s hyperbole in the knitted Tee:

and enthusiasm,up front of stage:

You see what I’m against? I will never master him, the nature of Hyperbole is irrepressible. So join us on the couch, you, me and hyperbole and let The Jezabels win you over.

This is The Jezabels first Album and it is a debut on a Grand scale. Full of vaulting ambition and no half measures. Hayley Mare has set her band on their course and it is bold and aimed straight for the center of the Sun!
Quick first impression; Prisoner reminds me of Died Pretty who if you’ve been following were quite simply the greatest Australian Rock Band to ever grace a stage. Yeah there’s a generation or two in between them and their sounds are very different but they were & are both explosive bands, big sky bands. I hope The Jezabels garner the success that eluded Died Pretty and maybe their reputation for micro-managing as many facets of the ‘business’ side of things as they can, puts them in with a fighting chance. I mean this is an independently released Album which you’ve got to admire; It’s kind of cool being here right at the beginning to see if they can do it.

I’m gnawing at the bit here and just know that i’m going to overload this post with clips upon clips so shall we start? But where to start? I could just start at the beginning of the Album and work through each track in song-list sequence. there is nothing in these 13 tracks that dissapoints. To kick things off is Nobody Nowhere:

which I think is just spectacular. Nik Kaloper is their drummer and he’s just fan-bloody-tastic. He’s ferocious, like Dave Grohl or back in the day, Keith Moon. I’m hoping that it’s just adrenaline that’s punching out that wall of sound and not Drum Triggers not that it should matter I guess. It’s relentless, pushing the song along at a 100 mph with Hayley’s voice and Heather’s keyboards swept along on its wake, running to keep up.

Here it is!
Crank it up!
Hope you like it!
Hope the neighbours like it too!

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2 Responses to 52 albums – week 45

  1. backlogue says:

    Well that was fun! I’m sure we understand you better now.


    • Brett says:

      Yep, I don’t just need to buy a vowel, I need to buy an editor. This is probably confusing as It’s being written at the same time as it’s being posted. So lots of revisions. Maybe better to come back in a few days for the finished product 😦

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