52 albums – week 43

After last weeks post I was thinking that I probably need to hear some new(ish) Bowie. Once Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) was released I stopped following Mr Bowie though I did try to give Tin Machine a listen when it came out. I wish I could be contrary and say I found something in it to prove the critics wrong but it really is excruciatingly difficult to like.
Anyway there were lots of nice things said about Heathen so I got a 2nd hand copy, sent a copy up to Armidale and a little surprisingly, have really enjoyed it.

There’s a small library of Biographies and Blogs out there. A life-time of reading which if you think about it is really a non sequitur because there is equally a life-time of listening.
However I came across two sites, that for me cut through the clamor.
The first was Bowiesattva, which was interesting reading, mainly because it was such a personal take; fandom but without being too reverential or annoying cloying.
The second was bowiesongs.wordpress.com/ (David Bowie, song by song) which is an ambitious project with a sweeping scope as the author follows all the lanes and by-ways that branch off from Bowie’s song. I haven’t waded through all of the two sites yet but so far, so good.

Getting back to this Album, his 24th (?!) Studio release. There were a couple of tracks I loved a little more than the others.
In no particular order;
Slow Burn for Pete Townsend’s guitar solo.
Cactus because I love the P-i-x-i-e-s and for an old codger he’s still got the moves.
Everyone Says ‘Hi’ which I won’t link too as I’m saving it for another post.
And Slip Away which was an able substitute. I love the way Bowie mines his past. It’s as timeless in its way as Space Oddity:


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