I’m running with this theme at the moment where I’m trying to post up all the people I know (personally) who not only play music but have recorded it in some shape or form.
I don’t move in professional music circles so i’ve been surprised at how many friends & acquaintances have hidden talents when I went looking.

George (in the clip he’s the gentleman on the left and I’m assuming that’s Pierre on the right) owns the local cafe down at West Ryde. He makes a good flat white, which along with a black is all the variety of coffee you need; everything else is just froth & fou-fou.
He’s been around the music industry for years, both on and off stage; early days of
Front End Loader (I think i got that right?) Who described themselves as “Australia’s least popular, relatively well-known band” 🙂 then overseas.
I’m guessing it was one of those sea-change moments that had him trading a microphone for an espresso machine but he must be hankering to get back to ‘the noise’ as there is a new project, TheGeorgePierre (how cool is that name eh!)
It’s early days yet but there are 3 or 4 rough demos, sketches really, up on YouTube. You’re going to have flesh them out with your imagination but I’ll put something more polished up, as it becomes available.

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