Concord Joe

Quick post, quick Link.

The clip below is from Ben Little’s YouTube space. He’s been Zeke’s (middle son) Guitar Teacher for a couple of years and mine for the past year.

I’ve got to say Zeke is a better advert for Ben’s Teaching than I am but Hey! Where you are is where you’re at.

We have this well-worn routine. I troop over to Concord for my lesson every Tuesday.

Hows it going? Little chit-chat, apologize for not doing any practice. Ben’s probably rolling his eyes but too gracious to let it show and you know despite me, not honoring my end of the deal (IE: actually practicing what he shows me) I still come away with something after each lesson.

So thank you Ben.

The link in the right hand column takes you too Concord Joe’s Blog (and the full version of the song). They are one kick-ass Blues band live.

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