52 albums – week 42

So the conversation, if it happened and I’m not saying it did, probably went something like this:
– You really should send up Hunky Dory this week. It’s a more complete album.
– Yeah but The Man Who Sold The World has, well The Man Who Sold The World on it.
– I know but it’s really Kurt’s version that you love.
– Whoa! That’s not fair. We were both perfectly happy for years and years till Nirvana covered it.
– Well Hunk.. Dor.. has that Bewlay Brothers song on it, doesn’t it and I named my dog after that song, so that has to count for something.
– Yes, I’ll give you that but there’s Saviour Machine too. I love that song just as much but I couldn’t call my dog Saviour Machine could I?
Hmmm? I’m thinking you could have but anyway … You know Hunk.. Dor.. was the last ‘Bowie’ Album before he got obsessed with all that personae stuff.
– And what was wrong with that? Aladdin Sane/the Thin White Duke, they were The Dudes man!
– Yeah but there was something fresh and new about Hunk.. Dor.. He was a little more innocent then.
– Ohh! Pleassse!
– Ok! Ok! How about lyrics then. You got to admit that he was sharp as a tack on Hunky Dory. I mean that Andy Warhol song is a pretty accurate thumb-nail sketch and I know you’ve always thought Dylan was a bit of a fraud so you’d have to like Song For Bob Dylan?
Yep I do, but The Man Who Sold.. had Mick Ronson on guitars and he was the best!
How you can say that? What about Stevie Ray Vaughan, Adrian Belew, Robert Fripp and anyway Mick Ronson was all over Hunk.. Dor.. as well so where’s your argument there!
– Well it’s not I guess but/and/etc, etc, etc …

Listening too these two Albums was like peering back through a telescope (wrong way round) across 30 years.
I’m happy that the songs have stood up and stared down time.
Much of how I listen (not just what I like) was informed by Mr Jones.

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