52 albums – week 38

Elephant was a massive hit for Jack and Meg White. It sold in bucket loads and introduced them to mainstream audiences. There’s very likely a copy sitting on the C.D rack in Armidale but it’s such a great album that I’m thinking well may be a copy for the car too.

Jack White has featured prominently in a much earlier post. The DVD back at week 11 was
It Might Get Loud
and Jack was a third of that movie. I think he was probably the most interesting of the three that Davis Guggenheim interviewed. Full of a young mans brashness and opinion which aint’ necessarily a bad thing.
Both the DVD and Jack Whites albums make it abundantly clear that he is steeped in the Blues, in Roots music. But there’s more than a touch of Rockabilly in that sensibility as well; a bit of Gene Vincent.

in amongst the Son House and Blind Willie Johnson.

Apparently this Album was recorded entirely on analogue gear and old gear at that. I liked his comment in It Might Get Loud where he talks about having to battle with his guitar, to wrench the song out of it. He doesn’t want the process to be easy. I guess that’s part and parcel of being the youngest of Ten children – you got to fight to be heard.
For bonus content here’s something much more recent and not on Elephant but is pretty hypnotic none the less.
Jack White and Danger Mouse – Two Against One:

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