52 albums – week 36

This post is a bit of a fraud I’m afraid. It’s up here based on the strength of one track;
What Happens When The Heart Just Stops.

Which is as poignant and heart-wrenching as 4 minutes of music can get.
It’s everything I like in a song.
Achingly sad and full of Pathos.
A little maudlin and self-indulgent (well a lot actually) but that’s OK, in fact it’s more than OK, It’s what brought it here.
The other songs I haven’t got too yet so I can’t proffer an opinion. I keep getting Sidetracked at number three.
As for its history?
Well, it comes from # 27 Badajoz Road, or their garage sale to be more precise. Purchased last Sunday along with a bag full of other C.D’s for the princely sum of $2 a piece.
I like the randomness of buying music that way sometimes. Every case I picked up was missing the disc inside so on the seventh or eighth attempt I gave up and just asked the bloke running the sale what he liked.
This is one of a half-dozen that were pulled out and I’m more than happy with it.
I know nothing else about them but here is their website if you want to find out more:
There’s some great ‘live’ footage out there in the usual places but tonight I’ve decided to link too a clip that has no footage and no imagery.
We demand a lot of our music these days, don’t we?
A cacophony of colour and movement to accompany it and if we don’t “get it” in the first 10 seconds – we’re gone.
We think we want it all, when in reality we don’t know what we want.
I suspect if we slowed down a little, we’d realise that more often than not the music is enough.

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