52 albums – week 31

1. Somebody That I Used To Know: Gotye (feat: Kimbra)
2. This Must be The Place (Naive Melody): Talking Heads
3. All The Colors: Angus & Julia Stone
4. Don’t Fight It: The Panics
5. Intervention: The Arcade Fire
6. Love Less Love: Sparkadia
7. Into My Arms: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
8. Love Letter: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
9. Love Reign O’er Me: Pearl Jam (The Who)
10. FairyTale Of New York: The Pogues
11. Monkey Gone To Heaven: The Pixies
12. California Waiting: Kings Of Leon
13. I meant Something To You Once: Mia Dyson
14. How Do I Let A Good Man Down: Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
15. Asleep: The Smiths
16. If It Be Your Will: Antony Hegarty (Leonard Cohen)
17. Wide Open Road: The Triffids
18. Under Pressure: David Bowie & Freddie Mercury

Hey! It’s a Guest Post just like in those ‘grown-up’ blogs I’ve been reading.
When I first met my wife a gazillion impressions tumbled across my mind in rapid, vertigo inducing succession. If you can picture a Chimpanzee with Ice Skates strapped to his feet, then pushed out onto a crowded ice rink you are getting an approximation of how I was struggling to stay on two feet and process this new information at the same time.I think the first impression i could grab hold of was something along the lines of;
Good Lord! You are just staggeringly beautiful! (Yeah, Shallow, uh Hal! :-))
Probably closely followed by; Why would you be wanting to talk to me?
But then a little while later; And you like some pretty cool music too!
So here’s an updated version of that “cool music”.
I’ve not only badgered Sharon into compiling a playlist but I’ve also managed to con her into scribbling down a few words, albeit somewhat reluctantly.
You can pretty much say ditto from me for most of her selections.

1. Somebody That I Used To Know:
The song of the moment but it’s a good one. Catchy and everyone loves a sing-along! I’ve heard a few people covering it but nothing that’s a patch on Gotye and Kimbra together.

2. This Must be The Place (Naive Melody):

Takes me back, love Talking Heads. Brett and I saw David Byrne when we lived in Chicago. You can’t help smiling when you listen to this.

3. All The Colors:

My favorite A & J Stone song. Love the reggae vibe.

4. Don’t Fight It:
Pretty song, nice melody, good Aussie songwriters.

5. Intervention:
They know how to build a song.

6. Love Less Love:
I like the musicality of this song.

7. Into My Arms:
How could I not include it?

8. Love Letter:

And this one too. Probably my favorite Nick Cave love song, tho’ i do enjoy ‘Breathless’ too. I remember singing along to this in the crowd when I saw him a few years back.

9. Love Reign O’er Me:
Eddie Vedder has the best ‘Rock’ voice. Love this song, It’s very powerful. Love the movie it’s from also; Reign Over Me. We only get to one concert a year now and last year it was Pearl Jam.

10. FairyTale Of New York:

Again, How could I not include it!!

11. Monkey Gone To Heaven:
Don’t know too much about The Pixies but this song is great, takes me back too.

12. California Waiting:

Kings of Leon were my favorite band when I saw them at The Big day Out a few years back, just before they made it big. This is my favorite song. A great “Wake you up and get you going song.” Caleb is sexy and I like his voice.

13. I Meant Something To You Once:
Played this to death when it first came out. Love her voice on this song, love the guitar, another great sing a long song.

14. How Do I Let A Good Man Down:

I like Sharon Jones and this is one of my favorites. Great voice!

15. Asleep:
Takes me back. Love The Smiths. Love Johnny Marr’s guitar. This is so pretty and I love Morrissey’s voice too.

16. If It Be Your Will:
Cry every time I watch this. I could listen to Antony sing all day long.

17. Wide Open Road:

Classic Aussie song.

18. Under Pressure:

Heard it on the radio recently. Played it LOUD and sang along! Great song, what a pair!

” love sharon “

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