52 albums – week 30

William Blake (1757 -1827)

This weeks posting posed a small dilemma.
August being my semi-official compilation month, I’ve gone with Quinn’s choice of Ben Lee to send up to Armidale. It’s actually two selections (an album and an e.p bundled together). However as I’ve been hunting Tigers all August I’ve posted up a scan of the William Blake poem as the leading image rather than the Awake Is The New Sleep cover like i usually do:
Mum was a Speech & Drama Teacher so for my sister and I there was no getting away from Drama Lessons. Tyger, Tyger burning bright … was a piece I had to perform at the Townsville Eisteddfod one year and I think I can still recite a large chunk of it from memory.
Quinn’s choices are fairly limited at 10 years old (6 at the time of discovering this). Michael could of course have had a copy of Alvin & The Chipmunks Greatest hits but then I would have to shoot myself and there is still several months to run on this project.
This poor quality photo from my mobile phone, is of my wife Sharon and Quinny (its probably 4 or 5 years old now). We were over on the Northern Beaches and had dropped into Warringah Mall for something. Ben was doing a promotional appearance for the Awake Is The New Sleep album which had just been released. There was a Record signing which turned into a impromptu performance, after which we dutifully lined up, had our pictures taken and  C.D’s autographed.
Quinn’s favorite track was Sex Without Love which is actually on the e.p that I’ve attached to this weeks offering.  The two other songs on it being Love Me Like The World Is Ending and What Would Jay-Z Do. He wandered around the house for the next month singing at the top of his little lungs. This was actually a bit disconcerting coming out of a 6 year olds mouth but in his defense it is a catchy number and I doubt if it even crossed his mind that there might be a meaning attached to those vowels and consonants.
For some reason Ben Lee seems to attract a lot of vitriol and i don’t understand why.
The Ataris
  (Atari who? Yes exactly!) did a nasty little song called Ben Lee which he elegantly turns on its head by covering it himself with a gracious wit. You can find it off this Shoot The Player link. And while you are there, that site is well worth exploring. The premise is to take an artist out from the comfort of studio or stage and shoot them doing their stuff on the streets. All off-the-cuff and interacting with the public. Coping with the drunks and incorporating the magic as the passing throng step-by or step-up and join in.
There have been a couple of albums from Ben Lee since this one but i haven’t kept up to date with his work. He has apparently married and had a child so it would probably be interesting to see how that momentous event has impacted on his music, it usually does. Here is a snippet of Ben talking about that very subject:

So Quinn liked Sex Without Love with its catchy sing along chorus.
Me I plump for Apple Candy with its shimmering melody and washes of keyboards.

And for this weeks bonus content I’ve pasted in Ben Lees take on MGMT’s, Kids.
It’s an often covered song, The Kooks do a great version as part of triple JJJ’s
Like A Version
project and my middle son, Zeke (left) covered it with Ross and Chris at a School Recital.

They done great and so does Ben Lee.


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