52 albums – week 27

Jakurin Yamamoto (1721-1801)

1. Wake Up: Arcade Fire
2. Helena Beat: Foster The People
3. Call It What You Want: Foster The People
4. Pumped Up Kicks: Foster The People
5. 2 Hearts: Digitalism
6. King Of The Beach: Wavves
7. Black Treacle: The Arctic Monkeys
8. Piledriver Waltz: The Arctic Monkeys
9. Mama: My Chemical Romance
10. Teenagers: My Chemical Romance
11. L.I.F.E. G.O.E.S. O.N. : Noah & The Whale
12, The Funeral: Band Of Horses
13. Wild At Heart: Birds Of Tokyo
14. Plans: Birds Of Tokyo
15. A – Punk: Vampire Weekend
16. Cousins: Vampire Weekend
17. Cape Cod Kwassa: Vampire Weekend
18. Spanish Sahara: The Foals

Installment number two from Zeke.
My son gave me the first list a month or two back (What can I say, I’m a procrastinator).
Then out of the blue backed it up with this one a week ago.
I like just about everything here but Wake Up is particularly awe inspiring. Take a look at this footage from Glastonbury festival:
There is just something about a collective experience on this scale. Wouldn’t you love to be lost in that chorus?
A hundred thousand voices and the night-time sky full of Flags.

The Funeral deserves a link too. One of the nice things about a house full of music is that there is a rich cross-pollination at work. I think I’m getting the better part of the deal as the kids re-enervate my jaded old ears but occasionally I can steer them to something I’ve found or was once enamored with (for instance Rohan has just discovered Space Oddity).
Anyway Zeke has been listening to Band Of Horses. We have the album, Everything All The Time and i think it’s pretty special, so expect it soon.

And to squeeze one more in, Pumped Up Kicks (think the Nike Shoes, i had to ask too!) is on high rotation at the moment:

See ya’ soon.

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