52 albums – week 26

1. Brainstorm: Arctic Monkeys
2. Teddy Picker: Arctic Monkeys
3. Fluorescent Adolescent: Arctic Monkeys
4. In One Ear: Cage The Elephant
5. Aint No Rest For The Wicked: Cage The Elephant
6. Shake Me Down: Cage the Elephant
7. Cassius: The Foals
8. My Parents Lied: The Static Jacks
9. Always Where I Need To Be: The Kooks
10. Sway: The Kooks
11. Rock It: Little Red
12. New Born: Muse
13. Australia: The Shins
14. I Can Talk: Two Door Cinema Club
15. Two: The Antlers
16. Bear: The Antlers

I’ve been growing weary of my own voice over the last month. So my able young assistant Zeke has selected this weeks playlist.
It’s interesting the way the commodity that is music has changed. Not one of these songs was on a Compact Disc and none were sitting in his Ipod. As a result I had to go and buy a few from Mr Jobs, cadge a few off friends and there were a couple of free downloads in there as well.
This is partly a reflection of how my son listens to music; in front of the computer with YouTube or Vimeo or Tumblr or UltimateTabs or SoundCloud or My Space (the list is endless) streaming from the speakers. More often than not there is a guitar on his lap wailing away as well.
I think the point of difference is that for younger generations there is less of a compulsion to own the physical product.
It’s like a return to First Principles which I find tremendously heartening; It’s all about the music man!
And thanks to the sticky tendrils of the web, the music is always there. Teeming above our heads in endless Darwinian motion.  You just need to reach up and pluck it from the ether, and when your done, let it return too the Broadbands Width.

It’s a Golden age we live in, No?

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