52 albums – week 21

This is such a pretty album. From the linen & ribbon packaging to the laid back ‘west coast’ sounds inside.
You’re probably familiar with lots of Down The Way as it was getting quite a bit of exposure when it was released; i think Big Jet Plane was even Triple J’s number 1 choice on this years Hottest 100. Hopefully the bonus disc, Red Berries will be fresh territory.
How generous are The Stone siblings eh? They give you not just a few outtakes on a bonus E.P but pretty much a complete separate album of freshly baked goodness.
There’s probably more I could write but to be honest it doesn’t need it.

Whereas I do need to get another CD up to Armidale before the end of the week.
I am so far behind where I should be; it’s July and by my reckoning I’ve only reached the end of May 😦
Still two albums a week should get me within co-ooe distance so when I turn round i can at least hear myself yelling “HURRY UP!”


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