52 albums – week 20

It’s such a long time ago.
I was all grown up by then, but only just!

There are plenty of reasons why I liked Nebraska.
For one it was just very different to Born to Run and The River which had immediately preceded it, so it was a bit like a breath of fresh air. I’d also read about the album somewhere in the music press and had to go searching for it which always makes a release more special. My first copy was on vinyl and don’t I wish I’d kept all those Long Players instead of dropping them off at the local ‘Op-Shop”. And finally it’s a very contemplative record, which as I think I’ve mentioned earlier, usually strikes a chord with me.

The songs on this album were put down in his bedroom. Apparently it was a four track cassette recording and he put it together as a set of demos to take into the studio for The E Street Band. It very nearly didn’t make it too release, as once the decision was made to leave it as a solo recording there were lots of issues around getting the sound quality up to scratch. At one stage the idea was mooted to release it as a cassette only recording and I’m old enough to remember those 🙂

Thankfully it made it out into the wider world where it met with some confusion and ambivalence. It was by no means immediately accepted as one of Bruce’s ‘Little masterpieces’ as it is considered today. For myself however it was an instant approval.

Having said that it’s not my favorite of this triumvirate, though I’m probably in the minority in that regard. It’s not as cohesive as the two previous albums I’ve posted up and the themes on a few of the tracks are still anchored in the industrial wasteland that he was familiar with and had dominated the content of his work up till now. But you need the set, I’m still very fond of it, so here it is anyway.

Atlantic City and Used Cars are the two tracks I listen out for.

If you want some more information on how Nebraska came together and can get past that it’s a bit anal retentive… then this link is worth the trip: Collectors Music Reviews.

See ya’ next week.

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