52 albums – week 19

I’ve been in a quandary lately about whether I should be posting up what I love or what I’m listening too?
This week by happy convergence it’s both.

I Want That You Are Always Happy is a pretty recent release, only a month or so old and it has been getting a lot of airplay on Triple J and FBI.
The Middle East come from Townsville which is where I grew up. So after registering that I like that sound; Very atmospheric, pretty melodies, lush when it’s called for, stripped back when it is getting in the way.
The fact that their hometown was my hometown helped pique my interest enough to go out and buy this, their debut Album.
I’ve looked for Townsville in the background of the film clips but I find it hard to recognise these days. There is a High School reunion later this year which I guess would provide an excuse for me to go back but it’s so far away and to be honest since my parents moved on, there is nothing there aside from a morbid curiosity to draw me back.

Here is today’s dollop of bonus content.
One of the things I like about this inter connected world is that a 16-year-old kid sitting in their bedroom in Geraldton or Falls Creek can grab Mum & Dads handy cam and post up a cover or an original that with astonishing regularity, just leaves me gob-smacked.

I hope you like.

A little ways down the road from when I posted this in June but an update anyway.
This cover still astonishes me and being greedy for more I skipped across to the YouTube channel it was linking too. It turns out Luke Liang is quite a bit more than a High School student. Yep! What do i know? Nothing right. I still stand by my right to be Gobsmacked though.
Take the jump and tell him how good he is.

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