52 albums – week 16

                                                   “… The death of friends, or death
                                                   of every brilliant eye
                                                   That made a catch in the breath …”

                                                   – W.B.Yeats

Ah! The majesty that was Died Pretty.
This is my Fountainhead.
This is my definition of what Rock Music can be.
There aren’t enough superlatives in the English language to hang off this album.
I’ve listened to it maybe a 1000 times and have yet to find a bad track on it. Just about every song is the greatest ever written. That is till it ends and the next one begins.
This very album gave me one of the few original ideas I’ve had for a piece of sculpture. Usually after the initial euphoria of a new idea I’ll realise a day or two later that it was someone elses idea all along. This one however has survived the litmus test. I won’t tell you what it is, as there is still the faint possibility that I might actually weld it together rather than leaving it to sit in unrequited adulation inside my head.
Again this particular record was a ‘Balmain’ Album (March 1990) which puts it towards the tail end of Summer. From memory it was  JJJ‘s Album of the Week.
Critical opinion has it that the follow-up record, Doughboy Hollow which was released in 1992, is a more complete work and you can make your own mind up next week when that C.D wings its way north. But for me this was the first and because of that and perhaps it’s less polished edge, it lodged itself just that little bit further into my consciousness.

Brett Myers was the bands Lead Guitarist and principal Sonic Architect. He’s a big man at 6′ 3″ or 6′ 4″. Cool as F..ck i always thought and probably the driving force behind taking Died Pretty as far as they could go. Writing credits for all nine tracks are Myers/Peno but my understanding was that Ron handled the lyrics while the music and a good deal of the production was Brett’s. Listen to him on Underbelly.  His Guitar work is just enormous. It’s this ferocious, swirling firestorm of feedback that envelopes you – A maelstrom of tempest and distortion!
Ron Peno was the public face of Died Pretty. And what a face that was. A brutish, misshapen dwarf of a man who could as easily stepped out of Middle Earth as the streets of Newtown.

Australia has never thrown up another front man like him. Maybe Bon Scott or Johnny O’Keefe but really they are only poor approximations because no-one had the same malevolent and demented presence on a stage as Ron.

I can’t single out songs or give you a track by track review;
Love has blinded me 🙂
Listen to it from start to finish. As loud as your Stereos Speakers and the Good Grace of your neighbors will allow.

Keep on Truckin’

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