52 albums – week 14

I seem to have taken a long time to get to here!
This album is nothing new;
Guitar driven Rock.
But not many people do it as well as Joshua Homme. Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) are his band and apparently he has a reputation for being a hard task master, a bit like James Brown or Trent Reznor (NIN).
This is primal stuff.
Basic, uncompromising, driving Rock’n’Roll with riffs that you feel as much as listen too.
For me this is as glorious as it gets (well nearly there is one other contender for the crown!).
Full of threat and menace and the thick scent of fear cloying the nostrils and clogging the throat.
As a frontman he is an imposing figure, reminding me of Kirk Douglas in the 1956 Van Gogh movie Lust for Life.
He is how I would picture a young Vincent to be.
Strong and with the heart of a Lion before the madness strips it away.

See ya next week.

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