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52 albums – week 16

                                                   “… The death of friends, or death                                                    of every brilliant eye                                                    That made a catch in the breath …”                                                    – W.B.Yeats Ah! The majesty that was Died Pretty. This is my Fountainhead. This is my definition … Continue reading

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This is a wonderful print of my favorite bird and the namesake for this blog the Albatross. Panteek Prints are based in Spokane, Washington and specialize in Antique Botanical and Natural History prints. They also sell through eBay if you … Continue reading

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52 albums – week 15

You know Patti Smith seems to attract clichés like wet paint attracts bugs; High Priestess of Punk, First Lady of Punk, Queen of Punk .. etc .. etc.. I never got it. A poet? – Yes. A Rock & Roll swagger? … Continue reading

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from ‘A Scattering’

Late home one night, I found she was not yet home herself. so I got into bed and waited under my blanket mound, until I heard her come in and hurry upstairs. My back was to the door. Without turning … Continue reading

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Write on your Guitar

I like the idea of drawing or painting or writing on your guitar but i particularly like the ones that are writ upon. They’re easy to find these days, Google shares all our borders and discovery is just the blink … Continue reading

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52 albums – week 14

I seem to have taken a long time to get to here! This album is nothing new; Guitar driven Rock. But not many people do it as well as Joshua Homme. Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) are his band … Continue reading

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