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I’ve been dithering for a while about adding this new tag, Poetry.
The post-modern world is the world of the egotist and Art at the mercy of appropriation. Poetry is no longer seen as cool. It seems to have gone the way of Mandolin Orchestras, Mutton birds and Manners.
Which is not only sad but places me in the middle of a dilemma because I still think Poetry matters.
Yes, it’s a slow conversation. Yes, you could argue it’s no longer relevant; replaced by the too often torturous lyrics of Popular music. But as George Szirites wrote in a small but excellent article for The Guardian;
“Poetry is not a pretty way of saying something straight, but the straightest way of saying something complex”.
Which is to say; “the shortest distance between two points is not necessarily a straight line.”
So the whims and vagaries of popular culture be damned.
The arbiters of style, whoever they may be can go fu*k themselves.
My reputation can trail behind me in tatters
but poetry is going to become a regular feature of this Journal!

Friends die one after another;
each time a dark disorder
A ceaseless banging of shutters

Upstairs there in the mind;
Beating of wings, loud weather
Days, nights together

To force on the mind order:
Journeys taken on maps,
Attentive delving into

The roots of language.
A search for the true invention
Of form by line in drawing.

Also renewal of linen –
Keeping the old customs
Putting sides to middles.

Thus, mind and hand stilled
And with a gentler grief
To draw down the blind

The white holland blind
Like a banner of love
Against that wild confusion.

– Rosemary Dobson.

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