52 albums – week 10

Most of the entries so far have been older stuff. Music I’ve been listening to for years and know fairly well by now. This weeks offering however is comparatively recent. My Wife has always been a little more adventuress in her tastes then I am. She’s the one who is coming home with new music all the time. However two teenagers that are making their own music (Zeke has been playing Guitar for a few years now and Rohan has started messing around on the Piano) has changed the equation a little. Anyway I came to this long player via James Blake’s cover of the Joni Mitchell song A Case Of You:

Bought the album pretty much on the strength of it. But on my first listening I thought, Ah well! there was only one good song in him but that was selling James short.
However you do have to invest a bit of time in the music before his persuasion brings you around. According to Wikipedia the correct Pidgeon hole for this genre is called dubstyle. But me, I’ll call it Avant-garde. It’s what Robert Fripp was doing with Frippertronics in the 70’s.

It will take a few listens but the keen & patient ear will be well rewarded.

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