Japanese Tsunami

I keep coming back to the disaster in Japan. Like a dog returning to a gnawed out bone; I’m compulsively checking YouTube for new uploads, poring over the online news sites, I’m even dreaming about it for Christ’s Sake! There’s a poem by Edith Sitwell, The Shadow of Cain that sits inside my head alongside Japan. She was writing about the divide between rich and poor, the crisis between materialism and morality; A moment of judgement! There is no direct correlation between the two, however it seems aptly suited to the Tsunami in the Pacific:

…but who would believe Christ died in vain, he walks again on the seas of blood, he comes in this terrible rain…

When i was reading about The Shadow of Cain, which is where that snippet was culled from. I came across this quote from St Ambrose, “when we give alms, we are not giving our own out of charity but are restoring what is justly theirs”, which eloquently expresses what giving is all about.

Donate Again

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