Shinya Kimura

Link to Shop pictures

This clip from YouTube has had a zillion hits and been re-posted the length and breadth of Internet-land. However Goodbye Albatross is as much a repository for myself as a public platform so here it is again, nice and handy for me to get too. Kimura Sans bikes are unique to state the obvious. There is no-one that i am aware of, building motorcycles quite like these. The word Artist is bandied around a lot. Most of the time it is overused or unwarranted but in this case, these rolling Artful, movable feasts fulfill the brief.
It’s telling though that he says “…for me a motorcycle is more than Art…”.

This short bio by Danish film-maker Henrik Hansen is a beautifully crafted vignette on Shinya Kimura. From the opening shots of the clattering lathe (reminiscent of the rattle of a movie projectors reels). To the silent closing frames of Shinya at speed; moving forward but looking back! It’s just arresting imagery and probably as eloquent an explanation of the Chabott Engineering Ethos as any diatribe from myself; after all it’s told in the first person.

I often finish work at 11 at night and will head off in the opposite direction to home. My favourite run is up through the light & colour filled Canyons of the Central Business District. Out the other side onto William Street as it splits Hyde Park.

Under the tunnel at the Coca-Cola sign before joining Old South Head Road as it’s serpentine windings take you up to the Gap. On a still Summer evening with the roads free of people and empty of traffic, I can understand the serenity that Shinya speaks of.

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