52 albums – week 5

I really like this album, it just hangs together beautifully. A cohesive collection of songs that are nicely sequenced into a great play-list. Apparently most of them were written with his big band  (PowderFinger) in mind but I think he’s made the right choice in putting them aside for this album. They seem to work in the more intimate environment of a solo performance.
There are a lot of little touches that I listen for in this album. The squeaky fingers sliding between chords on Hope & Validation. The vibrato on Further Down the Road that seems to be echoed in that distinctive warble Bernard Fanning has in his voice. The boom and crash of the chorus on Down to the River that just swells and rises out of the quiet verses like a roller rearing its head from an otherwise flat sea.
My over-riding impression with this album is that it’s Cathartic . He’s addressing his brother’s death, the break up of a long-term relationship and probably other issues as well from his personal life but addressing them so he can move forward.

A favorite song?
Probably Believe with its beautifull closing passages. No, wait maybe Which Way Home with its funky bass hook. Or Wash Me Clean with its delicate washes of Violin. How about Down to the River with its big Audacious sound. Possibly Watch Over Me, a lullaby you’d sing your child to sleep with?
I guess what I’m saying is I love them all.
An Album full of favorites!

See ya tomorrow

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