52 albums – week 4

A lot of my musical favorites have been found by following the trail of crumbs…David Bowie -Iggy Pop – Lou reed – Velvet Underground – John Cale etc…This weeks offering from Augie March is a similar Hansel & Gretel story.

Glen Richards is the singer and principal writer of Augie March’s material. He also provided the opening verse for last weeks Droving Women hence the connection. Augie March have always reminded me of  The Church. They’re both bands with a big sound, reaching out to capture Wide Vistas so to speak. They both share a pre-deliction for incomprehensible lyrics. Jumbled up, word salady type phrases that serve the melody rather than providing a discourse for the listener. Having said that one song, Bottle Baby contains the pearler of a line: “I could have told you, the vices won’t hold you” and is probably the most erudite song on the album.

Love this song, love this video, The Myth of Sisyphus is one of my favorites.

Till next week

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