52 albums

This is a Birthday present for my oldest friend, Michael.
His birthday is on the 14th of January so …

Hippity, Hoppity, Happity Birthday, Michael!

We each have 3 young sons and live a ways from each other.
I don’t write to him often enough and in part this aims to redress that.                        Michael loves music. Both listening to it and making it.
Out of our bunch of School friends that first picked up instruments. He is the only one that stuck with it (the guitar) so you could say music is a pretty large part of his life.
Therefore my Birthday Present is this;

An album a week for 52 weeks.

And while the “…unexamined life…” is, not quite “unlived”.                                                         I find an answer to a question is always more interesting,                                                   hence this journal and these


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