Sigaar Racer

A few years back i bought a little Kawasaki 125cc commuter bike off eBay. The plan was to turn it into a Bucket Racer. So I promptly dismantled it thus denying myself the pleasure of scooting up and down the street on it for the next few years. Well needless to say it has sat in pieces in various corners of the shed ever since. Some progress has been made. In 2009 I ground off the surplus brackets and had it powder-coated. 2010 saw me re-lace the rear wheel onto a slightly wider Alloy RS125 rim; a cheap mod if you don’t want to hunt down Akronts or Borranis. For 2011? Well. the sky’s the limit. I could rebuild the front end or even have a go at pulling the motor down! At my present rate it’s completion will probably coincide with my placement in a Nursing Home.

I saved this image years ago, transferring it from hard drive to hard drive as the computers were upgraded. My original notes said “KH125 powered Streamliner” but it’s a Kreidler, even says so on the side. So I was either wrong from the start or I’ve lost the information to remind me why I saved it in the first place.                                               Anyway it doesn’t detract from what I think is a great picture. The quilted leather knee-sliders, the way cool “AGO” jersey, Father and son in matched leathers and the TA/TD/TZ ?  Racer off to the right…

I loved this era of biking and whats more Damen Leathers are still in business and trading out of the same premises in Breda in the Netherlands.

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